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BeA Skater: semi automatic tool for wall-panel applications

Consistent results without the cost of a fully automated line. Accomplished with BeA's feature filled Skater tools.
Semi automated solution for wall-panel applications
The BeA Skater tool allows fasteners to be driven consistently and accurately in to all wall-panels, shed constructions and further similar applications.

Pushing or pulling the tool across the work-surface actuates the tool in pre-set distances to deliver a consistent, accurate and quick result, without the cost of a fully automated facility.

Some of the features:

Two handles allow the tool to be moved over the work surface from both sides. The extended handle allows the tool to be pulled/pushed over larger distances, making the work much more comfortable for the operator. The solid construction and alignment guide allows for straight movement enhanced by four non-marking wheels. The optional handle-extension allows the tool to be operated by a single operator, while walking upright on the work-surface.

The distance between shots is easily adjustable with a simple push-button mechanism. The built in safety-mechanism does not allow the tool to fire when lifted off the table. Single shots close to the edge can be fired, even without the tool being in motion. Both handles are equipped with a double-trigger, eliminating accidental shots. The tool is height adjustable to guarantee consistent fastening results.

The quick clear nose allows jams and obstructions to be removed swiftly without any tools. The adjustable exhaust offers comfortable working conditions. The efficiency of the application process is enhanced by the dry-fire control, as no driver blade marks are left when the tool is empty. Operators can quickly reload the tool, without having to touch a work-piece twice.

Exhibitor: Joh. Friedrich Behrens AG

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