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Industrial grade screw guns with perfect depth setting and the largest magazine capacity available in the market

  •  KMR Germany is the only worldwide producer of hand held screw guns for collated screws up to a length of 80mm and up to 5mm in diameter.
  •  A vast range of collated KMR screws are available for many different applications.

  •  Only KMR screw guns come with a "Bit and Screw Saver": a unique feature which prevents bits from wearing out quickly - also it does not slip over the screw-head thus not damaging it.

  • KMR screw guns have the largest magazine capacity in the industry with up to 167 screws on a coil. The Jumbo Coils are fast and easily re-loaded thus saving time.

  • The large magazine capacity allows continuous work without interruptions.

  • KMR screw guns are equipped with an extremely Powerful and High Torque Motor.

  • Our Extension can be easily mounted onto our KMR screw guns. The operator can work while standing upright. He can work at a high speed and is not easily exhausted.

  • The infinite Depth Driving Control of KMR screw guns allows precise depth setting of screws – either absolutely flush in case of gypsum boards or counter sunk in case of wood. No more guessing – know what you do!

  • Reich’s Screw Guide always guarantees that screws are driven straight into the material in an 90 degree angle.

  • The One Hand Operation is unique to KMR screw guns thanks to a Perfect Balance and ergonomic handle.
    The second hand is free to hold the material which is to be screwed.

  • KMR screw guns are the preferred tools in:
    - Decking (terraces)
    - Flooring of any kind (at home, sports halls, exhibitions etc.)
    - Packaging and crates
    - Pre-fabricated homes
    - Fire protection
    - Dry walling
    - Wall cladding and ceiling lining
    - Fencing
    - Sheathing of facades
    - Framing (furniture)
    - Renovations (buildings)
    - Construction of houses, sheds, stages etc.
    - Interior fittings
    - The manufacturing of busses, trucks, caravans, motor  homes, trailers, containers
    - Wood to metal or wood to wood applications

  • Thanks to the collation system of our screws no more lose screws will be lost.

Exhibitor: Joh. Friedrich Behrens AG

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